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Trek Segafredo is a global professional cycling team that competes at the highest level with the utmost passion and respect to the sport. Weaved around unique, rich personalities that create perfect unity, the team is open, engaging and welcomes all to come experience the grit and glory of professional cycling.

We race as a global team.

We race representing 18 different countries

We race across the world in 21 countries on 4 continents

We race as a family

We race hard
for the glory of the sport

We race because we are inspired by the will and audacity to put it all on the line

We race to fight through the trials and tribulations that racing throws at us

We race to win, because the world needs heroes

We race because
we love cycling

We race because we believe that bikes are a simple solution to complex problems

We race to make bikes better for everyone

We race because we believe in bikes

Come ride with us

Come ride with us at the races

Come ride with us at

Come share your stories